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Nov 24 2013 - 02:54 PM
Divorce Beneficial or Harmful?
Most children are influenced by their parents. This is not surprising as they live with their parents for the early years of life. So when parents divorce, it may cause some psychological effects on the child. According to the Psychological Effects of Divorce on Children, divorce often times causes stress for the child and that stress can lead to other psychological diseases such as depression, substance abuse and other anxieties. Divorces are not always a negative thing. A divorce can be beneficial for both the parents and the child. When parents are bringing violence, drugs, and alcohol abuse in a child's environment, a divorce can be the best thing as it prevents other psychological problems from happening to the child. Children can be influenced by their parents' actions. Parents have to continue to be role models for their children even after a divorce in order to prevent any psychological effects. Do you think divorce plays an effect in the way children are raised?
Posted in: Meet the Staff|By: Bachir Diarrassouba|2781 Reads