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Jan 28 2014 - 01:43 PM
Meet Antonia.
Hello! I’m Antonia, and I'm a new Services Associate at the Teachers College. Are you a Teachers College student, and, if so, what are you studying? No, I got my MSIS at the University of Texas at Austin, with emphases in research, outreach services, and archival work. Where’s your hometown? Baltimore, Maryland. John Waters is my hometown hero (and soulmate). What did you want to be when you grew up? A writer and illustrator, and an astronomer. After I went to astronomy camp, I became totally obsessed with Carl Sagan and decided that I would carry on his legacy and discover the little green men. It could still happen. What was your first job? Raking blueberries when I was eleven. That is back-breaking work! I only lasted two days. And I think I made about 40 cents. What has been your worst job? Oh, there have been a few bad ones. Probably the worst was being a dishwasher at a phony bistro. The owner wore a clip-on rat-tail, and made fun of my (admittedly dreadful—it was the late ‘90s) highlights. What has been your best job? That’s hard to narrow down too, but I think it was at the Sequoyah National Research Center in Little Rock. I got to archive a collection that included thousands of pages of appeal records from the U.S. vs. Loud Hawk case. The case itself is so interesting, I recommend looking it up. It surrounds the FBI and some of the founding members of the AIM movement: Dennis Banks, Leonard Peltier, and Anna Mae Aquash. Kenneth Stern, the appeals attorney who originally provided the records, wrote a book about it. What do you remember about your first day of school?
One of my teachers looked like Shari Lewis. Your favorite meal: Pretty much any fresh seafood excepting squid and shrimp...with mashed potatoes. Are you a morning or night person?: Morning person. Like V-Woolf.
A delicious dessert: Rice pudding. I think maybe I wrote that because I’m eating it right now. Song you love no matter how many times you hear it:
St. Elmo’s Fire by Brian Eno.

...or Girlfriend by The Modern Lovers. I love those guys.

A country you’d like to visit: Every country! But Indonesia’s first on the list. A book you strongly recommend? The Branch Will Not Break by James Wright, and Anna Karenina. A sport you enjoy playing (or watching)? I went to an Orioles-Yankees game last Fall and had a lot of fun. TOP THREE…. Best places to read?
  1. On a train.
  2. In bed.
  3. Really anywhere if my cat is asleep in my lap.
Complete the Sentence The strangest thing I’ve ever done is… hmm. That's tough, I've done a lot of things that might be considered strange. I recently went on an unintentional Twilight tour in the Pacific Northwest. Although I suppose I'm not absolutely confident about the lack of intentionality. The subconscious is a complex and mysterious creature. Not unlike...a thousand year old sparkly vampire. The most fascinating person I’ve ever met is… Dame Darcy, comics extraordinaire. I’ve been a fan of her work for years. And my favorite college professor, Tricia Rose. But generally I think most people are pretty fascinating.