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Jun 21 2019 - 09:06 AM
Art & Multimedia Exhibitions at Teachers College - Learning Spaces

March - April 2015

Exhibition: Learning Spaces

Learning, as all experience, always takes place in the context of a physical environment. Different spaces are conducive to different kinds of learning experiences. While human possibilities are as wide as the varieties of places we inhabit, formal learning has been traditionally confined to a limited set of narrowly conceived types of space—the traditional classroom, the chemistry lab, the art studio, the gymnasium. Powerful, enriching, and transformative learning experiences, however, take place beyond these spaces. 


Collaboration between the EdLab Design Team & Media Team

The Learning Spaces Exhibit is a series of videos produced by New Learning Times on the learning possibilities that take place beyond traditional, formal, educational spaces. The five videos feature a diverse set of spaces designed for learning ranging from high-tech buildings to stripped down natural environments: Artists learning in and from nature in the Grand Canyon, a school made almost entirely of bamboo in Bali, a museum that uses augmented reality to teach science in Philadelphia, a school in Boulder inspired by the philosophy of Reggio Emilia, and an experimental media and performing arts center designed to bring the arts, sciences, and technology together in Upstate New York. 

This video series is an invitation to rethink the possibilities of education as we reimagine the spaces where learning happens here at TC. 

Where: Gottesman Libraries Kasser Exhibition Space
When: March 9 through April 24. 

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