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Jun 21 2019 - 09:06 AM
Exhibits at The Kasser Space

Portraits of Power

Feb.19 - March. 12, 2018

Portraits of Power: Presidential Portraiture from Reagan to Trump by Adam Tramantano

A Presidents Day exhibits at the Gottesman Libraries!

We Are Here

March 3 - March 31 2017

We Are Here - Exhibit of Student Activism at Columbia and across the globe


Sign.png"We Are Here" was developed as a reflection on the history of student activism throughout the world, and it's powerful role in history. It sought to orient the visitor to their physical location in NYC, at Teachers College and Columbia, but also to their place in time, with a rich lineage of students enacting social and political change. 

The Design Team researched student activism both as it specifically related to Columbia University's history, and student activism across the globe and created two "Pillars of Strength" as display. Also included are some demographic statistics from the Teachers College office of student affairs as well as a map that highlights TC alumni who have since travelled to live and work abroad. 

Wearable buttons are fixed to the columns that students are encouraged to take with them. The buttons, classic emblems of resistance throughout history, feature the "We are Here" title and images of the Statue of Liberty, an icon of inclusion, immigration, freedom and our great city.


To download full sized images of the layout please click on the links below:

Column A

Column D

Music Lessons

February 8 - March 2016

Music Lessons An interactive kiosk featuring five episodes of 'Seen in NY' that focus on music education.


How does a tiny Mardi Gras Indian community in New Orleans pass its music on to future generations? Explore this question alongside other video explorations of music education in the Library's current exhibit.

Many distinctive, culturally-influenced approaches to the teaching and learning of music have become educational traditions. These traditions, while alive in silos across the world, are increasingly being blended and blurred in communities on the ground, especially as cross-generational and cross-cultural access to instruments, tools, and DIY educational experiences increase. This video series, inspired by the work of Teachers College educators and artists, explores the stories of music students and teachers and the lessons we can learn from them. Each video takes us through a unique learning experience: not always about music, but always through music.

Collaboration between the EdLab Design Team & Media Team


September 14 - October 9, 2015


It is the students, faculty and alumni of an institution that truly demonstrate its legacy. Teachers College has been committed to an expansive, innovative view of learning for over 125 years. Its community members have contributed to the development of education not only in New York City, but throughout the world.

What does this legacy look like? What does successful teaching and research look like? Changemakers is a video series that explores these questions. Each episode tells the story of one exemplary member of the TC community who shows us what perseverance and creativity look like in action.

The videos in this exhibit are also featured online.



Collaboration between the EdLab Design Team & Media Team

YMEJ Popup Exhibit (Lalitha)

May 11 - 15, 2015

Youth, Multiliteracies, & educational Justice (Un)Final Projects

Project Team

2015 #YMEJ exhibition incorporates an emphasis on multiliteracies, which has been at the center of our inquiries as we engaged with the lives of young people involved in the foster care and juvenile justice systems. Embedded in their institutional experiences are a range of other forces that have informed our own understandings about surveillance, justice, and education in these young people's lives, as well as the creative capacities that are brought forth when we create the conditions that allow their literacies and practices of possibility to ourish.

Visit the YMEJ website for more information.

Learning Spaces

March - April 2015

Exhibition: Learning Spaces

Learning, as all experience, always takes place in the context of a physical environment. Different spaces are conducive to different kinds of learning experiences. While human possibilities are as wide as the varieties of places we inhabit, formal learning has been traditionally confined to a limited set of narrowly conceived types of space—the traditional classroom, the chemistry lab, the art studio, the gymnasium. Powerful, enriching, and transformative learning experiences, however, take place beyond these spaces. 


Collaboration between the EdLab Design Team & Media Team

The Learning Spaces Exhibit is a series of videos produced by New Learning Times on the learning possibilities that take place beyond traditional, formal, educational spaces. The five videos feature a diverse set of spaces designed for learning ranging from high-tech buildings to stripped down natural environments: Artists learning in and from nature in the Grand Canyon, a school made almost entirely of bamboo in Bali, a museum that uses augmented reality to teach science in Philadelphia, a school in Boulder inspired by the philosophy of Reggio Emilia, and an experimental media and performing arts center designed to bring the arts, sciences, and technology together in Upstate New York. 

This video series is an invitation to rethink the possibilities of education as we reimagine the spaces where learning happens here at TC. 

Where: Gottesman Libraries Kasser Exhibition Space

When: March 9 through April 24. 

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