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Oct 27 2021 - 06:25 PM
October Staff Picks 2021: Witchcraft

While the origin of witchcraft isn't known, witches have existed in some capacity from ancient times to modern day. The common depiction of witches with black hats, bubbling cauldrons and flying broomsticks was popularized by 18th century European tradition, however; witchcraft practices vary widely from culture to culture. Witchcraft has seen a massive resurgence in recent years with pagan and folk magic practitioners using social media to read tarot, swap spell tips, show off altar set-ups and sell workshops and other witchy tools. Aspects of modern witchcraft have also begun to creep more and more in mainstream Western "wellness" movements (crystals, anyone?). This collection includes anthropological accounts from all over the world, the how-to's of modern pagan practices, as well as a variety of witchy fiction. While I’ve tried my best to include a range of materials here, TC has far more resources on this topic available in our online catalog. Whether you're more into bubbling, bubbling, toiling and troubling, or pulling tarot on TikTok, we hope you will treat (or trick!) yourself to a book from this collection this month. 

This collection is curated by Lucy Skrebutenas and designed by Trisha Barton