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Jan 30 2022 - 10:40 AM
Fall 2021 Report

Fall 2021 Report

Since 2019 the library has been going through changes in administration, technology, personnel, and budget to better align with the College leadership’s goals and with students’ and faculty’s needs. As a result of these changes, there were unknowns and loose ends that needed to be managed and my focus has been on beginning the process of restructuring and redefining the infrastructure of the library.


The Gottesman Libraries hired an entire new team of Library Associates and a second training session was conducted in September. For various reasons, three of the library associates left TC and six new associates were hired, one whose focus will be Art and Design and who will be working with the Library Director in special projects related to the library’s art collections.

The Research and Instruction Librarian position became vacant. This is a new full-time professional position that was originally posted in Spring 2021 and the job description was ready to be posted again. We interviewed four candidates for the position and we expect to have a new librarian by early Spring 2022. This librarian will start developing a collection of research guides and doing outreach to academic programs to find how new ways to best serve our instructional staff.

We received Cabinet’s approval to post a much-needed new position of Special and Digital Collections Librarian. This librarian will manage digital and analog collections and lead efforts to preserve the College’s historical records. The search is on-going and we have interviewed four candidates. We hope to have a finalist around mid-Spring 2022.

We worked on redefining the position of Trisha Barton, who was a member of the EdLab’s Art and Design Team. The position was reclassified as Lead Designer, a part-time professional position who reports to the Library Director and who will be responsible for designing the Everett Café displays, Staff Picks display ( on the 2nd floor) and collaborating with artists exhibiting in the Gottesman Libraries galleries, among other responsibilities.


Met with members of TCIT to discuss issues related to the library’s technology infrastructure. The current software and hardware that populates the library was either purchased or developed and deployed without the involvement of TCIT and is now ageing and in need of support. After discussing the plan to upgrade the library meeting rooms prepared by Jon Macmillan in collaboration with Media Services, we decided to implement a revision of one of the recommendations: addition of conference capabilities (cameras, microphones and HDMI cables) to  all of the meeting rooms and install ation of TV monitors in the smaller rooms. In addition, I prepared a list of new equipment needed by the Service Desk staff and for patron usage and we ordered new iMacs that will be deployed and serviced by TCIT. The equipment took a while to arrive and will be installed in Spring 2022.


Started the conversation about migrating the library’s website which is hosted by AWS and not built on the T4 platform supported by the college. The library’s website, blog, news, calendar and room reservation system were developed in-house by EdLab members. Sabarish Raghupathy, the library’s software engineer, is providing technology support and leading the efforts to migrate the library website to T4. We hope to complete the migration in mid-Spring 2022.

Researched third-party software to support library services. Acquired a free trial of Springshare LibApp’s LibCal module, software to manage room reservations. The library has 14 meeting rooms, of which 11 are self-reserved by patrons. We are evaluating LibCal as a replacement to the current room reservation software which was built in-house. We purchased LibGuides, another LibApp module, used by many academic libraries to prepare research guides.

Russell Hall

Cleaned-up and repurposed the 3rd floor pantry as the new Art and Design studio which will used by the Lead Designer and the Art and Design Associate.

Cleaned-up the 2nd floor storage and made room to temporarily store the 500 boxes in which the books that were cleaned during the mold remediation project were returned to the library.

TERS delivered all of the books that were treated for mold and the Library Associates unpacked and reshelf the books. The Associates are now reviewing the spreadsheets to make sure all books are accounted for.


As part of my continuing education, attended a UniMarket refresher workshop.

I continue to slowly become better versed in library-speak.

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