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Jun 14 2022 - 08:05 AM
Operations: Spring 2022 Report

Budget, Finance and Reports

Worked with Thomas Tavares in the Bursar’s Office to replace the PayPal. account that has been used by the library and TC Record. The Paypal account was used by the library to collect fines, and other fees. PayPal kept a percentage of the payment and it was not the appropriate way of collecting fees from patrons. Now the library is using Cashnet, which is software supported by the College.

Provided the 2021 budget and personnel data for the IPEDS and ARL reports and the accompanying explanations.

Prepared an inventory of equipment for insurance renewal.

Worked with the Office of the General Counsel and the Office of the Controller to find the appropriate way to pay the recipients of the 2022 Myers Foundation Commissioned Art. 

Provided expense projections to the Budget Office (February, 2022 and June 2022).

Purchased supplies as needed and reconciled the P-card on a monthly basis.


The Spring was very busy with personnel issues. We posted three full-time positions, one part-time position, hired three new library associates and hired musicians to perform in the library’s music program.

After the Research and Instruction Librarian separated from the library in Fall 2021, we posted the position, interviewed four candidates and after a second set of interviews, selected Becca Gates for the position. After that search, we followed by posting the position of Special and Digital Collections Librarian; we interviewed the top two candidates and after hosting the finalist for a visit to the library, Conrad Lochner became the newest addition to the team.  

We lost a software engineer to the corporate world at the end of February, 2022; the title and job description were revised and we posted the Web Services Librarian and Liaison position. We struggled getting candidates for this position and the position remains vacant at the moment. 

We repositioned funds so that we could have a second part-time line in the budget for a Circulation and User Experience librarian. We interviewed three candidates and have selected a finalist.

Continued interviewing library associates to replace those who graduated or left the library and hired four associates, one for the position of Art and Design Associate. 

Finally, two long-term staff members announced that they will be retiring in the summer so there will be more searches to conduct this summer. 


The library’s computer equipment needed an upgrade and we purchased 19 iMacs and 9 Dell monitors. 10 iMacs were deployed to the first, 2nd and 3rd floors to serve as kiosks for students to use; 4 iMacs replaced the ones used at the Library Services Desk; and the other iMacs were distributed to employees and the Art and Design Studio. The Dell monitors were located in the first floor, 2nd floor and one in the service desk to serve as a mirror system so that patrons can easily see the steps being taken in the system by the library staff member.

Upgraded the group rooms with new equipment using as foundation a proposal prepared by Media Services based on the technology available in the technology-rich classrooms. Ordered and received 4 TV monitors, 11 ShareLink boxes that provide wireless connections to the monitors and 11 Logitech Meetup video cameras to facilitate video conferencing. The 4 TV monitors were ordered for the 3rd floor’s small group rooms which were lacking good size monitors. Media Services has installed all of the video cameras, has configured the ShareLink boxes, and is in the process of deploying the ShareLink boxes.

We began the process of moving the library website to Terminal Four, the platform supported by TCIT. Before Sabarish Raghupathy left the library, he built the framework of the new website and left instructions for the Web Office to migrate old blog posts and news. While Sabarish was building the framework, I worked with Springshare and several TC offices to purchase a license for Springshare’s LibCal module. This module replaces the room reservation system that was built in-house under tthe previous library administration. We successfully launched the new library system on June 1st, 2022. We modified the current website to remove all references to the old reservation system, changed the iPads located outside each meeting room to use the new reservation system, updated the documentation and defined a protocol for the new reservation system. Started to add documentation in Confluence to describing LibCal processes and its internal structures. 

Sabarish prepared the framework of the T4 library website and I migrated the content of the pages and subsections to the new library website. we have regular meetings with the Web Office staff member who is assisting us build the new website and I have prepared documentation of how to add subsections to the website. 

Submitted request to the ServiceNow Desk to have the e-Boards throughout the library upgraded to an operating system that is supported by TCIT and developed a new way of displaying information on the e-Boards, including the curated news in the Everett Library Cafe.

Contributed to the Technology Strategy plans that were shared a consulting firm that is working with TCIT to develop strategic plans.


In order to maintain the well-being of the library collections, we modified the opening procedures to have the associates who open the library check the sensitive rooms - the fifth floor stacks, RH 3 and RH 4 in the basement and the sub basement room.

Facilities closed all the holes (behind the wood panels) in the southern wall of the first floor to prevent pests from entering the library.

A leak in the ceiling above the stairs in the 1st floor that leads to the courtyard had caused the ceiling paint to peel and the ceiling tiles were stained. The ceiling was fixed and the tiles replaced.

Submitted requests to have Facilities painters refresh the pantry on the first floor and the Art and Design Studio on the 3rd floor.

Updated the Ground Floor Directory.

Added signage to the rear doors with information on what to do in case a patron gets locked after hours

Collaborated with the Library Director and Art and Design Associate to develop a scope of work for a framing project funded by the Myers Foundation. Send the scope of work to the Purchasing Office to prepare a request for bids. After reviewing the bids, we hired two framing companies: one to do three large pieces (2 diptychs and 1 triptych) and one to frame 30 drawings from the Passow Collection. The art has been framed and the pieces are back in the library waiting to be exhibited

Professional Development, Continuing Education, other

  • Attended the Situational Awareness presentation by CU Safety
  • Attended the Best Practices for Recruitment workshop offered by Human Resources
  • Attended the Microaggression workshop sponsored by the Office of Community and Diversity
  • Serve in a TC Brand and Mission Statement Staff Discovery focus group
  • As a member of the Academic Directors Steering Committee, participated in planning meetings throughout the semester that prepared the agenda for the February and for the May meetings.
  • Worked on the faculty robing room at the 2022 Convocation event
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