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In my Intro to Psychology class this week, we discussed the effect adolescents' environment has on their lives. We looked at the case of Genie, a feral child who spent 13 years locked in her bedroom. Genie couldn't speak when she was found, as she never developed a language. This became the Genie Case. I found this case really interesting and plan on doing a series concerning the effects of adolescents' surroundings. Genie's case is a rare case of isolation. I plan on focusing more on daily environmental aspects su...
Architecture, Construction and Engineering (ACE) is an after school program where high school students learn about constructing buildings. The program allows students to learn from industry professionals on the various aspects of constructing buildings. The program is currently located in Chicago, and focuses mainly on inner city students. The ACE programs goal is to expose students to various fields in engineering.
BGCKL is the Boys and Girls Club of Kawartha Lake in Ontario, Canada. The program supports students academically by helping them with homework as well as teaching new skills around the school curriculum. BGCKL helps students understand the importance of healthy eating and physical education. The program provides yoga and dance classes as well as other performing arts activities.
The Vialogue below is about supporting after-school programs, an organization that highlights different reasons for keeping after-school programs. The video also provide some suggestions on how to support after school programs by donating used books, which allows people to support family literacy projects. Feel free to watch and comment on the Vialogue.
E3Sports After School Program help students stay active once they leave the classroom. Physical fitness and daily exercise has been proven to promote longer concentration levels in the classroom. This is why programs such as E3Sports are so important as they help students develop healthy habits. The video also shows insights from the president of the organization as well as some of the students. Feel free to comment and keep the conversation going on Vialogues.
WINGS For Kids is an after-school program in Charleston, South Carolina. WINGS For Kids is a non profit organization that helps inner city kids have a place to go after school. The program aims to teach students' social, emotional and critical skills. The program also focuses on educational help. The video states that students who attended the program are more likely to finish high school than their peers who do not. Feel free to comment your thoughts about the program and keep the discussion going on Vialogues.
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Health has always been an important part of everyone's life. As stated by the Diabetes Statistics, 25.8 million children and adults have diabetes across the US. Children need to be aware of this at an early age so that they can start to make smart decisions on their diet. 21st Century School Program is an after school program that teaches students to cook healthy foods. In this video students learn to cook and learn about healthy food choices.
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THINK Together Program is an after-school program located in Los Angeles, California. The program brings students together to learn skills that schools normally don't teach such as agriculture and various other service learning activities. The program not only help students with homework and school assignments, but aims to teach students the importance of community service. Feel free to comment your thoughts and keep the discussion going on Vialogues.
The following is a video on the effects of after school programs on developing students. In this video, various students share their thoughts and insights regarding their after school program. Most importantly, these students share why after school programs are important in their lives. Watch and comment your thoughts and keep the discussion going on Vialogues.
I've been doing a series on after school programs in the United States and across the globe. This video concerns the overall importance of after school programs. This video highlights the role of after-school programs and gives key reasons on why these programs help develop students. The video gives insight into learning development as well as student interaction.